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JH Legal Group was originally a law firm in Beirut, Lebanon, established in 1968 by one of our founder’s father. Rima’s father had a thriving passion for Law and Justice was passed on from a generation to another, and under the partnership of two women attorneys, Racha Haydar and Rima Jaber, the company grew into the current firm, JH Legal group.

30 years in this field has taught us to share knowledge, cultivate expertise, and acquire a know-how that constantly pushes our limits. It grew in us a thirst for innovation, that led us to think boldly and to think differently.

Proactivity is what we do best.
We avoid legalese. We get things done.

Focused on Business, Government, Employment, and Dispute Resolution, we represent entrepreneurs and stakeholders and provide them with the highest quality of innovative and practical legal services.

Operating through our Head Quarters in Lebanon and in the UAE, we also have offices located in Iraq between Baghdad, Basra, and Kurdistan.

Keeping your goals
& bottom line in mind…

We are committed to providing you with the highest standards of business and legal services by constantly forging ahead with custom-tailored and client-centric solutions.

We promise you an unparalleled commitment and dedication to see through all possible solutions and opportunities.




Our books always stay open.

We believe that all procedures work best when done with simplicity and transparency, that open communication helps avoid unwanted conflicts and driven errors; transparency is a value we firmly stand by.


Driven by thinking forward.

Innovative thinking drives our work and propels us to constantly improve internal processes, and research alternative ways of doing business that maximize client value. There is always a way to do things better, you just need to have the right resources and talents to find it.


We see it through all the way.

Your dreams. Our dedication. What a powerful combination. We are committed, devoted, and relentlessly focused on making your goals and objectives a reality. Together we experience and pave your journey towards success.



Our philosophy relies solely on solving problems, not making them. Small or big, simple or complex, we remain on the cutting-edge of innovative thinking and business-focused solutions, narrowing down the obstacles to the utmost details until no situation is too dire to emerge victorious.

Every case, every goal, is our case, our goal.

Our clients become our partners. And when we come together, walls fall down and bridges are built to overcome the greatest of adversities.

our founders

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