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Rima Jaber

A seasoned attorney that inherited a thriving passion for law from her father, Rima Jaber is one of the founding partners of JH Legal Group. With over 26 years of experience in commercial litigation and contractual disputes, she represents today some of the most colossal names in the educational, development, and governmental sectors.

Her expertise expands across a variety of industries as she also develops corporate structures for businesses, and furthermore, adapting to the rapidly evolving world, she practices digital law. She recently founded a digital in-house department at the firm managing and operating all legal requirements, decisions, restrictions, rights, and ethics, related to digital environments.

Rima has overseen a multitude of mediations and settlement agreements, and deals with a wide range of clients, spanning sectors from Ministries to Governmental departments and administrations to businesses in the private sector.

A forward-thinker with bold and unprecedented ideas practicing in consultancy with progressive and leading-edge organizations in three countries: UAE, Lebanon, and Iraq.

Always taking it a step further, Rima never seizes an opportunity to make a difference. She got elected and is now part of the Iraqi-Lebanese Businessmen Committee. She’s been part of the IC parents committee for the past 4 years. And lastly, she’s been thoroughly involved in CSR activities handling nonprofit educational, social, and cultural, organizations. One was created by her father in 1969 and one in which she was involved since the beginning, Toumouh, created in 2015. The associations assist children in their education, donate food to families in need, and provide financial care for the elderly.
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racha haidar founder


Racha Haidar

An attorney with ten years of extensive experience in all aspects of commercial litigation, specializing in contractual disputes, financial services, and contentious insolvency litigation, Racha Haidar is one of the founding partners of JH Legal Group.

Racha has drafted and advised on a vast array of commercial contracts from supplier and customer perspectives. She managed and saw through multiple agreements of upstream and downstream oil and gas operations, structuring oil and gas companies from raw materials, and handled all the legal services for International Oil companies and operators to help them mobilize into the Iraq oil fields. Her legal practice also covers digital law, where she manages and operates all legal requirements related to digital environments, including working closely with governmental institutes helping them apply RegTech solutions to improve their way of managing regulatory compliance.

An active consultant in three countries: the UAE, Lebanon, and Iraq, her clients vary on a wide spectrum of industries, from internationally listed businesses to regional to national companies, SMEs, sole traders, and start-ups.

Determination, dedication, commitment, and a strong belief in law and justice, are what define her and drive her forward. Racha forges innovative and bold thinking into every case as she legally guides her clients towards excellence, always managing to exceed their expectations.
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